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inco Cash & Carry is one of Denmark's largest food wholesalers, selling both food and accessories to companies. inco Cash & Carry has three stores in the country. One of the central parts of inco’s business model is to be able to provide good, old-fashioned service, where you greet, listen, and answer any questions that customers may have.

Digital transformation plan

Traditional virtues such as good business acumen and personal service do not have to be in opposition to business development - nor the digital field. Perhaps it can be argued that such virtues constitute the necessary business constant, enabling the development of new service concepts without undermining the company's identity and position in the market. Through 2019, Kruso has facilitated and conducted a deeper study together with, and of, inco's business to identify opportunities for digital business transformation. Based on the study's conclusions, inco, in consultation with Kruso, has prepared a long-term change and investment plan in the digital area - a plan of which Kruso is now fortunate to be a part of, in a role as inco's advisory and execution partner in several digital initiative tracks.

Future of CX

One of the fundamental and critical clues is about CX - Customer Experience. Through several integrated development programs, we will with a holistic design approach identify and execute on innovation and optimization potentials in the customers' omnichannel interfacing with inco. The track's first development project focuses on customers' cash and carry flow in the stores, and takes place via an agile co-creation process with inco's digital product owner and business team and Kruso's design and tech team in an inter-organizational product development team.