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Danske Bank.

Kruso has developed a tool, based on the principle of personal digital presence, ensuring clients an overview of the various payment solutions.

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank and the largest in Denmark with strong local roots. Moreover, Danske Bank is present in more than 12 countries where they have been helping people and organizations accomplish their goals and fulfill their ambitions in more than 145 years. Danske Bank consists of more than 22.000 employees across 200 branches.


People don’t trust banks, and Danske Bank is no exception. Even though Danske Bank has revolutionized how Danes transfer money with MobilePay, it takes more to win customer confidence back. The bank needs to regain trust by offering great service and putting customers first. Not by saying, but doing. One key to this is to create a digital presence that feels personal; Visiting the bank on a device should feel like opening the door to a branch. In this regard, Danske Bank faced a challenge: The bank’s guide to cards and payment solutions was very product-oriented and didn’t focus on their customers’ needs. In addition, most people have little knowledge of payment cards and are confused about digital payment trends such as mobiles, wallets, and watches. As a result, a lot of customers call the bank for help and information. That’s why Danske Bank wanted to create a user-friendly digital tool that made it easy to find answers about cards and payment solutions; So that its customers could easily choose the right solution based on their needs and situation.


We developed a tool based on the principle of personal digital presence. It’s on this that we founded our UX and content approach. The Payment Guide puts customer needs in the center by asking a few simple questions: Does the customer have a real problem? Can I solve the problem and if so, what impact will it have? This way, customer needs feed directly into the decision-making and selling process. After all, products are easier to sell if there’s a problem to solve. Part of our customer-centric approach is not just offering Danske Bank’s own products. The tool contains various payment cards, but it also presents other solutions, such as MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and smartwatches. The Payment Guide is developed as a standalone web component, that works independently of Danske Bank’s website. We took a headless approach and chose Vue.js as a framework. Having a headless setup enables us to develop individual features much faster, as we only had to access content from Danske Bank. It is composed of several smaller components, and a JSON datasheet, that Danske Bank easily can add content to.

The key benefit

The Payment Guide enables customers to understand various payment solutions and their different characteristics to a degree that they are able to choose and order the right solution for themselves; Not to mention the fact that great personal service creates loyal customers – and loyal customers tend to hang around for many years.

The success criteria

The new tool must increase Mastercard applications, activations and transactions/usage by educating customers in card benefits. Also, The Payment Guide should lead to fewer calls regarding payment solutions and cards.

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