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Rebuilding platform and scaling business.

Amuse is reshaping the music industry by empowering emerging artists with smart funding, digital distribution, and comprehensive services tailored for the era of social media-driven music discovery.  

Amuse has spent the last five years developing tools and services, including DIY distribution, flexible funding, and lean marketing strategies, to support artists' journey from bedroom recordings to the biggest stages. 

Rebuilding outdated platform

Despite its innovative approach, Amuse faced challenges with its online presence. The old website was slow, not optimized for mobile users, and suffered from inconsistent design elements, which hindered user experience and engagement. Recognizing the need for a transformation, Amuse partnered with Kruso to rebuild the digital platform. 

Optimizing SEO with AI

  1. +1000 AI-generated articles

  2. 3x more organic traffic in 2 months 

  3. 4x higher CTR (6,7%)

By using Storyblok you can see exactly what you are doing as you are doing it. Change colors, add blocks and see the results immediately. This change has made the whole platform much easier to navigate in.

- Fredrik André, , Lead Frontend Developer, Kruso

Scaling business with new approach

With a clear focus on performance, user experience, and SEO optimization we created a new platform for Amuse. By moving the platform from WordPress to Storyblok the daily work for web editors became more intuitive, allowing real-time changes and immediate visual feedback. On top of this, the new CMS facilitates a more streamlined and cohesive design system, eliminating the previous inconsistencies. 

AI driven SEO

One of the most significant enhancements was the introduction of an AI bot designed to create content optimized for SEO, which dramatically improved Amuse's online visibility. Within two months, organic traffic tripled from 1,000 to 15,000 page visits, and the click-through rate surged by four times, achieving a remarkable 6.7%. 

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