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5 Benefits of Using a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

We give you a few good reasons why you should consider a CDP.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a database that collects valuable customer data from various channels and platforms. Everything from website visits, purchase history, interactions on social media (likes and comments) and much more that is relevant to know about the customer. 

With a CDP, you can create a streamlined overview where all information is gathered in one place, and make it possible to create relevant, precise and personal communication for every single customer. 

1. Complete overview in one place

A CDP collects and combines data from a large number of different sources and platforms and here by provides one overall picture of a customer. Therefore, it is possible for you to gain a better understanding of the customer and their behavior. 

2. Understand your marketing

You may work with several different channels and platforms, and all of these have different budgets and goals. This can make it difficult to compare different campaigns. With a CDP, you can see how your channels and campaigns are performing, and get an understanding of what works and what doesn't.

3. Focus on your best customers

With a CDP, you can segment your customers into smaller groups and find out who is most valuable for your company. In other words, you know which horses to put your time, energy and money on. With your collected information, you can send relevant content to committed customers who are most likely to respond positively to your messages.

4. Personalization of the customer experience

By having an in-depth understanding of your customers, you can create a tailored customer experience that is adapted to each individual customer. This ensures that customers are met with uniform messages on different channels and platforms, which makes the overall experience better than if the communication to the customer goes in different directions.

5. Optimizing your time

You probably already spend a lot of time collecting data, but not least also understanding the data you have collected. With a CDP, you can automate many processes and focus on the things that actually create value for you and the customer. Instead of spending time and money on customers who may not are interested in your company, through a CDP you can focus on customers with the greatest potential to give your company value.

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