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Kruso is one of The Nordic Region’s most vital and experienced commeretools partners

When commercetools first appeared on the market just three years ago, it was clear that this German e-commerce platform was a perfect match for our strategic direction.

We have long been advocates of the scalability and flexibility that an API and microservice-based system architecture offers. Even with extensive fluctuations in site activity, we have experienced how a cloud-native approach can ensure uptime and deliver the best customer experience.

Our best-of-breed tech strategy to put together the most optimal tool stack for our customers fits perfectly with commercetools' true headless principles.

In three years, we have already gained extensive experience with the platform and worked with innovative brands such as B&OLakrids by Bülow, and Ridestore around developing their commercetools solutions.

Modern Commerce Playbook for Business

Hungry for more insights on Modern Commerce Architecture? This whitepaper shares with you how your business can benefit from Headless Commerce. 

Key takeaways:

  • Five Business Benefits to Headless Commerce

  • How to choose a suitable front-end

  • Which capabilities do you need in your commerce solution

  • Five steps to migrate to a Headless Commerce platform

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  • Modern Commerce Playbook for Business

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The benefits of "True" Headless Commerce

  • True Headless - commercetools is an enterprise ready headless commerce platform designed for high performance and scalability

  • Full Saas - with commercetools, you avoid expensive upgrades as this is handled automatically in the background in a real SaaS solution with ongoing global deployments.

  • High flexibility - individual solutions and 3rd party solutions can be replaced and adapted separately and independently of the rest of the solution due to the loosely coupled architecture according to which the platform is developed.

  • Predefined features and functionalities - although the platform is thought of as a pure API solution, commercetools offers a wide range of out-of-the-box functionalities, made available via a recently launched "marketplace".

  • Flexible integrations - thanks to its headless architecture, the platform is ideal for integration into any 3rd party system and allows you to prototype and test new functionalities quickly.

E-commerce supplier growing in fast pace

Over a short period, commercetools has established itself as one of the leading technology providers within e-commerce. They are to day known for delivering one of the world’s best true headless solutions.

Their outstanding results have earned them a spot on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce! Three years ago, they got a spot in the field ‘Visionaries,’ and in just few years, they have proved their worth and now place themselves among ‘Leaders’ within the global field of Digital Commerce vendors.

Lakrids by BülowE-commerce platform

A commercetools solution

Read about how we have implemented commercetools in our commerce-solution for Lakrids by Bülow.

A solution that has given an enormous digital growth with conversion rates way above market average, handling more than 4.000 orders a day in peak periods.

RidestoreBest-of-Breed tech architecture

A Commercetools integration

Read how we have implemented commercetools in our commerce solution for Ridestore.

Ridestore's expansion to North America and large parts of Europe has resulted in the need for a new and more comprehensive payment solution. At Kruso, we have solved this by integrating Commercetools and Klarna Payment Solution.

Why choose commercetools for your commerce solution?

With commercetools and Kruso as your trusted partners in your digital journey, you have ensured a future-proofed solution. No matter the size of your business, a headless commerce solution can help you grow. If you are interested in learning more about, how commercetools and Kruso can help you scale your business, fill out the formula below and we will get in touch with you.