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Backend Developer .
Krusader, Aarhus.

Veyhe Jepsen

  • Gamer
  • Food enthusiast
  • Curious
  • Hard-working

Mikkel likes to push his boundaries and develop himself as a human being. His 11 years of scouting experience provides him with excellent skills for surviving out in the woods. Furthermore, Mikkel loves to unfold his creativity in a kitchen where various dishes are cooked: everything from Asian dishes, over good old Danish classics to Italian pizza. His latest adventure started in August 2021 in Kruso as a backend developer, where he solves complex problems for our customers daily. We look forward to following Mikkel's adventure in Kruso.

It is not dangerous to seek help from colleagues. Most people are more than happy to help or share their experiences

I believe that success entails many different things. For example, success in a work setting occurs when the software I develop works appropriately and meets the customer's needs. Success can also be minor things like getting a bug fixed that has annoyed me for hours or weeks.