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CEO Sweden & Partner.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Daredevil
  • Problem solver
  • Padel freak

Lotten used to kill it on the basketball court. Now she does it as managing director for the Swedish Kruso team. She is a daredevil that thrives when taking risks. For her the future is now. Or rather it was yesterday. A good laugh, a glass of wine and a really nice challenging problem to sink her teeth in to keeps her happy. Want to shake her up a bit? Talk to her about time reporting and role descriptions. She will surprise you.

Without passion – there is no magic

I have always been fascinated by problem-solving. So it was an obvious choice to study computer science and engineering. Boring in the class room, rewarding in real life. Seeing our crazy ideas coming to life never get's old to me. That's what you get working with super talented and passionate people that truly care for each other, the client and the solution. Happy team, happy Lotten.