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Kruso Will Develop Innovative App for Miele.

An innovative app designed to improve the user experience of the laundry services Miele operates for.

Miele app for the housing sector

At Kruso, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are partnering with Miele to develop a new innovative app that will improve the user experience of the laundry facilities Miele operates for, among other things, a large number of the country's large residential complexes.

Washing your clothes in a shared laundry today is virtually not supported digitally and includes a user journey spread between several different types of touch points (web portal, ATMs, manual calendars, washers, doors, machines, sms, etc.).

The new app is an ambitious and innovation-driven transformation project that will significantly improve Miele's customer wash experience by gradually digitizing all of these touch points and consolidating them into one integrated platform to make the use of Miele laundries as easy, consistent and user-friendly as possible.

The process

  1. By using low-fi prototyping - which is a quick tool for designing full scope - we get a total experience of the product, and thus we can print the design / information architecture scalable for future features.

  2. Hi-fi prototyping on phase 1. Refining the prototype so that it is ready for user testing, but only by the features that belong in the first development round.

  3. Usability testing on real-life users. Here we capture any challenges / pain points in the design.

  4. When the prototype is tested, it is handed over to the front end who develops further, and then handed over to Logos where the application is developed.

Kruso is responsible for concept and ideation, as well as UX and frontend development. The backend work is done in collaboration with Miele's ERP partner Logos.

We look forward to presenting the finished work, but for now - stay in touch.