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Krusader, Malmö.


  • Strategic
  • Self-educated
  • Part-time apple wine producer

Emil has been part of the Kruso adventure from the very first steps of the Swedish department. Strategic thinking is what keeps Emil going – both when it comes to setting direction for Kruso as well as strategic sparring with his clients. Emil believes in designing future-proof solutions which means you sometimes have to challenge your customers' thoughts and highlight other opportunities on the projects. In particular, Emil enjoys the close collaboration with our clients – they must be part of Kruso, to the same extent as the employees are.

I love life on the farm

It is a little unusual these days, but I do not have a university degree. After I graduated high school, I planned to take a gap year and earn some money. So, I joined a small start up, which taught me a lot about coding and business strategy and I never stop pursuing that road – still believe learning by doing is the strongest way to improve.  

I grew up on my parent’s farm, where they have a lot of apple trees. So today I have a little hobby where I experiment with making my own apple wine. In general, I enjoy working on the farm, there is always something that needs to be done. It gives me different perspective on life than working in the office, which I am sure is healthy for me in the long run.