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Full Stack Developer.
Krusader, Lviv.


  • Upcoming pianist
  • Versatile
  • Creator

Volodymyr is an expert in optimizing existing solutions and coming up with new designs from scratch. He is always working to improve himself professionally and to be able to deliver better quality products in the end. Today he is a large part of OPW and works on several different projects.

Comfort is everything for me

I think it is great to be surrounded by people who are passionate about something or know everything about a specific topic. Either if I am with my colleagues or come across random YouTube videos, I think it is amazing to be together with people who can talk for ages about their hobby. I have just thrown myself into a new hobby as well – Playing the piano. I have been thinking about starting for a long time and I have finally invested in one. So now I just have to learn how to use it.