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UX Designer.
Krusader, Köpenhamn.

Hedegaard Hansen

  • Ambitious
  • Accommodating
  • Scout-princess
  • IKEA-handywoman

Mie started as a UX-intern in 2018 and today operates as a full fletched and highly talented ‘UX designer’. She conducts user surveys, desk top research, strategy consulting and of course ux and ia design. Mie is all over the place with responsibility for many processes and work tasks, from strategic client sparing to final execution our solutions. Mie has a great human insight which is used both privately and professionally.

Success for me is to have built a good relationship with our customers

I think we have to be careful about being too conscientious. You can quickly get to lie to yourself and not take the necessary breaks. We UX’ers are often some, who work at a high pace, which can be a little stressful. Maybe that's why I like to immerse myself in books about history and spend time in nature, where there is no need for large neon ads and fast cars. However, contrasts in the things you do are a great motivation for me - both at home and at the office.