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Full Stack Developer.
Krusader, Århus.


  • Guitarist
  • Leadership
  • Can't live without leverpostej

Like his father, Martin has computers in his blood and was placed in front of the screen when he was 5 years old. Since then, he has not left but has only gotten better over the years. Today he plays a central role at our Aarhus office and has many different tasks. For Martin, his work is about maintaining a high work ethic that creates above-average results.

Be nice, but be honest

I have been surrounded by computers all my life, but I also take my breaks. At home, I play on my guitar daily and try to find inner peace over the decisions I make during the day. Looking forward, I think we will see a lot of new things pop up. The 5G technology is going to create completely new paths, and I think quantum computing will become a reality one day in the future.