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Project Manager.
Krusader, Köpenhamn.

Voss Pedersen

  • Classic nerd
  • Pasta lover
  • Structured

Line loves working with people who are not like her. She is curious by nature and always tries to learn from others and expand her horizons. As a project manager, Line utilizes her communicative strengths and abilities to be able to work in a structured way when many ends need to be connected in one project. As Line puts it herself, one can never go wrong with a good pasta dish, and if she was stranded on a deserted island, all she needed was pasta, tomato and basil. 

Surround yourself with cheerleaders

I grew up on the countryside and have been surrounded by horses all my childhood. As I got older, I started studying Brazilian studies but found that tech was a lot more fun to work with, and here I am now! That's probably also why I would classify myself as a typical nerd, both in terms of IT and animals.