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Frontend Developer.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Pinball fan
  • Musician
  • Specialized generalist

Konstantin is one of those creative heads you cannot stop from dreaming and creating! From drawing all over his schoolwork to recording music, to start his own creative agency and now being a frontend developer at Kruso! Once he starts a project, he gets fully committed, yet you never see him only focusing on one at a time. Konstantin has a unique eye for good design, which always shines through in his work. He is a true team player who loves working with his colleagues and clients.

I love building stuff. It used to be escape rooms, but now I do mechanical keyboards

My creativity, curiosity and passion for exploration often lead me down rabbit holes full of unconventional ideas, and when I come back up, I turn these ideas into tangible designs for the client. I love learning new stuff, and I love solving problems, and that is basically all I do. I really love all parts involving R&D. A mix between conceptual explorations and tangible results. Getting a lot of input, feedback, ideas, and requirements that can be broken down into a product or solution. Most problems have elegant and simple solutions if you have enough information and the possibility to look beyond what seems to be the confines of the problem.